The Healing Power of the Mythic Level of Perception


Ever since I was 4 years old and my Mom read me the story of the Trojan Horse as a bed-time story, I have loved myths.

Among the indigenous peoples of Peru, the mythic level of perception, or perceiving one’s life as a journey of the Soul, is represented by the archetype of the Hummingbird, that gem-like, long-distance traveler who seeks out the sweetest nectar, pollinating new life as it travels far and wide.

I recently read that a Native-American tribal elder, when asked about the veracity of the sacred stories of his people, declared that “Some of these stories actually happened, but all of them are true”. I knew just what he meant! Art, poetry, sacred stories and myths speak to our personal unconscious and to our collective unconscious, as well. We need art and myth to express the beyond-factual meaning of profound experiences like birth, falling in love, the joy of living purposefully, grief, death, and rebirth. Art and myth point us to the deepest levels of truth that facts cannot explain, giving room for Soul, Heart and Mind to expand. From this open, allowing and creative stance, we can solve problems effectively, transforming ourselves and our planet.

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
— Albert Einstein

The Power of Perceiving Ourselves Mythically:

Our own sacred stories have the ability to shape the course of our lives. We can see our journeys as dramas in which we have no power, or we can see them as epic tales in which we learn to bring love, truth and beauty to every moment. We can see our challenges as the greatest of our teachers and the source of our greatest gifts.

To open deeply, as genuine spiritual life requires, we need tremendous courage and strength…a kind of warrior spirit. And the place for this warrior strength is in the heart.
— Jack Kornfield

The Power of Perceiving our Planet Mythically:

The sages of the Himalayas call these extraordinary times the Kali Yuga, ‘an age of negative manifestation working towards the cause of eventual rejuvenation of the universe’. The medicine men and women of the Andes call this era the Pachakuti, ‘an age of world revolution, reversal, shake-up’. For both, it was foretold that a tumultuous time would come when much that is dark, corrupt and false would be exposed to the light of consciousness. The love of power confronted, called to transform into the power of love! In these chaotic times, we are being challenged to birth the new humanity. It is an era of immense growth and opportunity to create a world of beauty and peace. And, as always, it begins with us. I believe in our ability to live epic lives of passion and service! We can join to lift the human spirit one soul at a time, if necessary, to find the higher calling for each of us. We can transform our world through sacred living.

Rather than saving, the world needs loving.
— don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Anne Day