About My Practice


·      My calling as a Shamanic Practitioner is to work at the mythic level of perception, that of the luminous energy field, where the very deepest of healing takes place. This is where the Shaman’s work extends beyond most traditions typically associated with Western medicine.

·      Shamanic energy healing is Earth-honoring, holistic, soul-centered, and co-creative. I work at the energetic level using several indigenous healing interventions, drawing mainly from ancient Incan wisdom. These can involve energy-tracking, divination, ceremony and creative play. These work to shift the client’s underlying energetic patterns and help the client to recover clarity, soul-purpose and well-being.

·      My services are offered with 100% confidentiality.

·      I work in service and always, only when I have permission.

·      I always work in a sacred and secure container, held with wisdom and compassion in support of the client’s highest good.

·      When the healing process is taking place at the energetic level, it is profound to hold an individual in sacred space while they do their work. Even though as a healer I facilitate the process of healing, it is always the individual client who is doing the work. 

It would be my honor to support you in reclaiming your wholeness, living fully into your Soul’s purpose and experiencing your life as a Sacred Journey.

With Heart,


Anne Day