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About My Practice

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My calling as a Shamanic Practitioner is to work with my client at the level of the luminous energy field (LEF) that infuses and envelops our physical body; this is where the very deepest of healing can take place. This can bring wholeness and clarity to all aspects of the client's being: the physical body, the mental/emotional self, the soul's journey/mythic self, and the Spirit. This is where the Shaman’s work extends beyond most traditions typically associated with Western medicine.

Please note, the following about a Shamanic Energy Healing Session:

·      My services are offered with 100% confidentiality.

·      I work in service and always, only when I have permission.

·      I always work by inviting a collaboration with Spirit in a sacred and secure container, held with compassion in support of the client’s highest good.

·     When the healing process is taking place at the energetic level, it is a profound experience to hold an individual in sacred space while they do their work. Even though, as a healer, I facilitate the process of healing, it is always the individual client who does the work.

·     Frequency of healing sessions: Because it takes time for the client to integrate the healing experience, sessions are recommended no more frequently than once a week.

It would be a joy for me to support you in reclaiming your wholeness, living fully into your Soul’s purpose and experiencing your life as a Sacred Journey.

With Heart,



An Energy Healing Session

The session begins with a short talk about how the client’s life is today, focusing on what is not working, where they feel they are not at their best or where they need support in releasing old ways of being that no longer serve them. This can be physical disease, stress, emotional issues, feelings of being stuck in unwanted situations, loss of vitality, or repeating patterns that keep showing up but they would like to transform. I often ask the client, “What would be a good outcome for our work today?” to help the client clarify their intentions.

In an energy healing session, I work with my client by drawing from a variety of healing practices that include:

+ Creating a Soul Map

History & Theory

Shamans have always known about the healing power of symbolic, creative action. Their rituals and ceremonies are often designed to invite us into multi-sensory experiences of inspiring beauty and symbolic transformation.

Today, neuroscientists have confirmed that when we engage in a symbolic act with presence and intention, the primitive, emotional, mammalian region of our brain cannot perceive the difference between this symbolic action and a 'real' action. The creative imagination, as experienced by our mammalian brain, can change our physiology in a matter of moments. (If you have ever imagined yourself on a tropical beach and allowed yourself to sway with the imaginary ocean breeze, then found your heart rate, blood pressure and breath actually begin to soften and relax as if you were actually there, you have experienced this effect yourself!)

Creating a Soul Map: My Practice

I often start the healing session by spreading out a black cloth as a kind of 'canvas' for my client. I provide my client with a variety of natural objects such as stones, seashells, feathers, driftwood. I invite them to drop their attention into their body and breath, then to create something on the cloth. As the client, with focus and presence, places even just a single stone on the cloth, they are invited to step out of their over-active intellect, to let go of any worn-out stories that have about their life, and create a work of art, an altar, a mandala, a sacred map of their soul, sometimes a symbolic vision of a new way of being.

It is an honor for me to witness the creation of this soul map. When we step into sacred space and time with the intention to heal, allowing ourselves a chance to act simply, creatively and without judgment, the soul, in its wisdom, will 'make medicine', just what is needed to initiate healing and inspiration.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

+ Chakra Clearing

History & Theory

Within the luminous energy field (LEF) that infuses and envelops the physical body, lies a system of energy centers, or Chakras. The seven major Chakras are located along the midline of of our body from the top of the crown to the tip of our coccyx (tailbone), and correspond to seven major nerve ganglia (bundles of nerve fibers). Those who have studied Yoga or other Eastern mind/body/spiritual practices may be familiar with the Chakra system, but might be surprised to know Chakra clearing has been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous healers, and it a powerful tool for transformation.

Why are the Chakras so important to our well-being? Because they work as organizational centers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of divine grace, our vital life force. They work like stepping stones to form a bridge between Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth, heart or mind and the physical body. Chakras act as portals between our inner world of experience and the outer world of our environment. When divine grace can flow with ease through this system, heart, mind and body can work in harmony.

Chakras can become blocked, however, when life experiences of wounding, injury or trauma are not fully metabolized and allowed to move through us at the time they occur, leaving an 'imprint' in our LEF. Why is it important to clear away these imprints from our Chakras? Because blocks in the Chakras impede the flow of divine grace through us. Firstly, we can experience these energetic blocks as chronic emotional pain or chronic physical pain and disease. Secondly, when the downward frow of divine grace is impeded, we have difficulty manifesting Spirit into Matter: bringing our unique inspiration and gifts into the material world to create a good life for ourselves, our loved ones, our community. Thirdly, when the upward flow of this vital life force is impeded, we have difficulty in our quest for higher consciousness, our spiritual development, our desire to grow in kindness, compassion and service.

Chakra Clearing: My Practice

I invite my client to lie comfortably ona massage table, and to bring their attention to their breath. I look for and find Chakras impacted when a wound or old pattern is triggered, Chakras holding energetic imprints that the client has not metabolized and released on their own. These imprints can be intuitively perceived as areas of dense, sometimes stagnant, sometimes pulsing energy in the LEF. After I determine the Chakra that needs my attention, I assist the client in relaxing deeply into the clearing process by holding various acupoints on the head, neck and shoulders that allow them to 'sink in'. I lead them in a rhythmic breathing pattern that supports the clearing process to gently build over time, reach a peak, then naturally wind down. I often engage tools from my Tawantine Mesa (traditional Andean-style healer's medicine bundle) to help clear the dense energy.

It is always reassuring to take part in the Chakra clearing process. When we join together in a sacred container with the intention to release these old, dense energies, the client can safely let them go with ease, regaining the unobstructed flow of divine grace that their Chakras need to live a life of vibrant well-being and purpose.

"The task of the Shaman is to set free the energy bound in our stories, in our wounds, and to transform this energy into power and compassion within us, so that we may reclaim our souls. - Alberto Villoldo, PhD

+ Releasing Intrusive Energies

History & Theory

Since ancient times, it has been the calling of the Shaman to keep her community members healthy by liberating them from undesirable energies and entities that can become attached to a person's luminous energy field (LEF), often without their conscious knowledge. These energetic intrusions can interrupt the free flow of grace through the Chakras. Remarkably, as primitive as it may sound, there is still a need for this healing art today, as these intrusions can drain a person's vitality, creating emotional and physical disfunction.

Why does this attachment happen? When there are areas of density from old, unhealed emotional of physical wounding in our LEFs, these areas resonate and attract dense, undesirable energy. For instance, when someone aims an act of betrayal, harsh criticism or a verbal attack at us, rather than 'sliding off' us, it instead leaves a dense energetic residue or negative thought-form embedded in our LEF. Also, these intrusions can source from old shame, guilt, unworthiness or accumulated fear. In addition, we can acquire these incompatible energies from spending time in 'toxic' environments.

Alternately, the attachment of an entity can occur, for instance, when the spirit of a deceased loved one becomes fearful and disoriented at the time of their passing, and, seeking safety and comfort, takes refuge in the LEF of a family member who is reluctant to 'let them go'.

Traditionally, Shamans have removed these intrusive energies/entities using various methods, including drawing the intrusion away from their client's LEF and into a quartz crystal or piece of obsidian (volcanic glass), as is still practiced in the Amazon today.

Releasing Intrusive Energies: My Practice

If I suspect that my client has an undesirable energy/entity, muscle testing (kinesiology) helps confirm the need for an extraction. If so, I use a Vogel crystal to draw out the energy. The developer of this technology, Marcel Vogel, was a rigorous 20th century scientist, employed by IBM for many years. Vogel has many inventions and patents to his name, including crystal technology we all still use today. He also was a big-hearted energy healer and generous teacher of the visionary techniques he developed. So my process for extracting these energies is a blend of the ancient and the new, passed down to me by both traditional Shamans and a visionary scientist.

It is a perpetual source of amazement for me to engage the Vogel crystal to extract unwanted, intrusive energies/entites. It allows me to remove these intrusions and then later to safely release then to Spirit. In case my client still has an attractive resonance with an intrusion, the Chakra clearing process is used to gently release and transform it.

+ Removing Cords

History & Theory

Not long after we are born, our bodies naturally form a big, sturdy, nurturing cord of energy from our lower Chakras to the Earth. We can visualize this cord as a large tree root that goes from our pelvis, tailbone, perhaps the soles of our feet down to the center of Mother Earth. Ideally, this cord provides us with a sense of grounding: a peaceful awareness, knowing itself as fully embodied and connected to the natural world. It is desirable to keep this grounding cord strong by imagining it flowing with vitality during meditation and/or spending time in nature.

There are also undesirable energetic cords that can connect us detrimentally to people we knew in the past of know in the present. Without being consciously aware of it, these cords can exist, for example, between parent and child, friends and lovers, bosses and employees, or therapist and client. They can occur between ourselves and someone we are jealous of, someone we are intensely attracted to, someone we are intensely angry at, someone we are deeply worried about, someone we fear is trying to influence or control us.

These undesirable cords come from and attach to resonant areas of powerlessness in the client's luminous energy field (LEF). For example, in the workplace, a person who was denied a promotion might feel jealous of a recently promoted person. If the dense energy of that jealousy unconsciously resonates with feelings of guilt or unworthiness in the newly promoted person, a cord, an unhealthy energy excgange, can form between them that negatively impacts both parties, without their conscious awareness. Experiencing energy-draining cords is never healthy, but does offer us important lessons regarding our power and ways that we may disempower others without fully realizing it.

Removing Cords: My Practice

To remove an energetic cord from my client, I must have their conscious consent. They must carefully consider if they are ready to truly 'let go'. If so, I clear the site in the client's LEF where the cord is attached using tools from my Tawantine Mesa (traditional Andean-style healer's medicine bundle). I then address any resonance the client may still have for this unhealthy connection; this affinity is dissolved through the Chakra clearing process. Lastly, I hold acupressure points that help the client reclaim the experience of their grounding cord: their natural, nurturing and supportive energetic connection to Mother Earth.

It is exciting for me to assist my client in removing undesirable cords. It reaffrims for me the transformative power of 'letting go', and the potential for more vitality, more choice, more embodied freedom that can come with it.

+ Infusing With Light

History & Theory

Ever since our primitive ancestors welcomed Spring by stepping out of their caves and tuning their faces to the Sun to feel the empowering warmth of its rays, we have known instinctively the sacred power of light.

Among the Southern Andean healers of Peru, healing ceremonies traditionally include the practice of 'Illumination', the infusion of the client with high-vibrational energy. The Andean medicine men and women experience the delight of being conduits of luminosity by gathering light from their 8th Chakras, halo-like sources of sacred energy found in the fields above their heads, and infusing it into the luminoue energy field (LEF) of the client.

Among the Northern Coastal healers of Peru, medicine men and women traditionally infuse the client's LEF with a variety of high-vibrational energies that can heal and enhance every aspect of our being. These energies source from the healers' profoundly reverent relationships to All of Nature, Mother Earth, the Celestial Bodies, and the Sacred Elements (pronunciation in Quechua, the language passed down from the Incas):

Kawsay (kow-sigh):

  • Medicine sources from Mother Earth and the Sacred Earth Element.
  • Healer of physical infirmity and imbalance, harmonizer of material dissonance, bestower of healthful balance to our bodies.
  • Teaches us 'right action', experienced as awakened vocation.
  • Develops in us the gifts of intrapersonal awareness, and personal evolution within the life of humankind.

Samisonqoy (sah-mee-song-koy):

  • Medicine sources from Grandmother Moon and the Sacred Water Element.
  • Healer of emotional infirmity, bestower of healthful balance for our hearts.
  • Teaches us compassion, experienced as awakened caring.
  • Develops in us the gifts of interpersonal awareness, and communal evolution within the life of mankind.

K'anchay (konn-chigh):

  • Medicine sources from the Creator, Great Originating Mystery, and the Sacred Air Element.
  • Healer of spirtual infirmity, bestower of healthful balance for our spirit.
  • Teached us transcendent, spiritual awareness, experienced as awakened vision.
  • Develops in us the gifts of transpersonal awareness, and planetary evolution within the life of humankind.

Samiumay (sah-mee-ooh-my):

  • Medicine sources from Grandfather Sun and the Sacred Fire Element.
  • Healer of mental infirmity, bestower of healthful balance for our mind.
  • Teaches us enlightened wisdom and higher intelligence, experienced as awakened cognition.
  • Develops in us the gifts of universal awareness, and galactic evolution within the life of humankind.

Illanunay (ee-yah-nooh-nigh):

  • Medicine sources from the Rainbow and the Sacred Aether Element.
  • Healer of soul infirmity, bestower of healthful balance for our soul.
  • Teaches us unified being and wholeness, experienced as awakened presence.
  • Develops in us the gifts of impersonal awareness, and multi dimensional evolution within the life of humankind.

Infusing with Light: My Practice

When my client's LEF has released dense, imprinted of other incompatible energies, it is most receptive to the infusion of high-vibrational luminosity. This is usually done while my client is still resting comfortably on a massage table. Always in collaboration with Spirit, I bring light to my client with my hands, sometimes also engaging traditional stones/crystals, and toning/chanting. As one might guess, it is a great source of joy for me to experience being an instrument of illumination! As I bring in light, I have deep gratitude for the loving presence of the ancient ones, lineages of indigenous healers who generously passed down this wisdom to us: that our deep interconnectedness with the natural world, 'All Our Relations', can be a source of wholeness and well-being if we ask for support with humility and reverence.

"How did the rose ever open its heart and give to the world its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being..." - Hafiz, 14th Century Sufi poet

+ Integrating Your Experience & Homework

As the Shamanic Energy healing Session comes to a close, I offer my client an opportunity to revisit the soul map that they created at the start of the session. Do any elements need to be added, subtracted or changed? From a lighter, expanded perspective, the client may need to adjust their sacred artwork to reflect a new way of being.

After a session, change can come very quickly for some, but it usually expresses itself slowly, over time. Insight and understanding can come in the weeks following. It is up to the client to apply their new perspective, make new choices. Spirit meets us at the point of action!

To support my client in creating a new path of grace and discovery, I often recomment a homework assignment. The goal of this assignment is three-fold: to help the client integrate the shifts that are initiated in the energy healing session; to leave the client 'at the mythic', opening them to the experience of their own sacredness, their own life as a soul's journey; to ground their transformation in their everyday, physical level of living.

Homework assignments can include:

  • Creating your own soul map, altar or mandala, using objects that have special meaning or that can be found in nature. Build it in a special place in your home, or outdoors. Allow your intuition to guide you.
  • Building a sacred fire, traditionally a potent and fast transformer of energy and carrier of prayer. Find a small twig; use your breath and your intention to blow into it that which you want to release, or that which you want to manifest, then burn it.
  • Taking a salt bath. Use one cup of sea salt (iodine-free), plus one cup of baking soda with very hot water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. While soaking, focus on releasing any residual, old, stagnant energy. Take a shower to rinse. (Do not let anyone else use the salt water.) This can be repeated every other day for the week following your session.
  • Stream-of-consciousness writing or drawing. This can become a nourishing regular practice if you allow at least 10 minutes to write/draw a day. Put pencil to paper and write/draw nonstop; do not censor yourself, even if you write/draw the same thing over and over.
  • Keeping a dream diary. Train yourself to remember your dreams by keeping a diary and pen by your bedside. As soon as you awaken, write down whatever you can remember, however small, in present tense. ("I am walking up a flight of stairs... I reach for a door knob....") Honoring your inner life in this way will support it in opening its wisdom to you, over time.
  • Review your self-care practices. Spend time in nature. Get more rest. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Is there a contemplative practice like meditation or yoga that is calling to you? Now is the time to embrace it with curiosity and self-compassion.