Is This You?


Do any of these issues seem familiar to you?

  You feel physically, emotionally or spiritually ‘stuck’.

You are self-aware; perhaps you have worked with a traditional counselor who helped you understand the source your personal struggles, but was unable to help you transform them.

 A new opportunity for a rewarding professional life or personal relationship has come to you, but you feel too overwhelmed, anxious or unworthy to enjoy it.

You are faced with a major life path decision such as whether to change careers, marry, have a child, but are frustrated by indecision or a lack of mental clarity.

You are concerned that there is someone in your life that is attempting to manipulate you and prevent your autonomy.

You sense that an old physical or emotional wound or trauma is draining your vitality and keeping you from living fully; you yearn for a sense of peace and ease.


Shamanic Energy Healing can work for you if:

You are a man, woman or young person, ages 14 – 94.

You are an agnostic or a practitioner of any religion or spiritual discipline. Please note that you will not be asked to change your beliefs, with this possible exception: I will insist that you are an embodied Soul!

You are open and curious about experiencing how Shamanic Energy Healing can help you release the past.

You are committed to finding and living your highest purpose and are ready to clear away any old patterns or old ways of being that have obstructed in your path.

You have a sense that your journey to fulfillment and well-being involves deepening your connection to Soul, to experiencing your own Sacredness.

You are open to trusting your own deepest wisdom, as you heal and it reveals itself to you.




I had a profound and ennobling experience as I let myself be guided by Anne’s skilled hands, gentle guidance and perceptive compassion. I found myself journeying to deeply hidden places that have long wanted a voice...and I heard them sing out!
— Linda Herring, Music Educator and Pianist

Doing energy work with Anne was one of the most relaxing and healing things I’ve done for myself in a long time! She has such a gentle, loving presence that she brings to every aspect of her work.
— Betsy-LatifaNoor Anderson, Sufi Teacher, Tamborist and Cellist

Anne is a gifted Shaman and energy practitioner. Whenever I get a session from her, I feel like I’ve taken a spiritual journey into my past. I emerge more grounded in my body, with more awareness of my relationship with myself and the world around me. Anne brings an intuitive, intelligent, and heart-warming energy into every session. One of the aspects I like most working with her is that she has no agenda. This creates space for me to get in touch with what is most necessary in the moment.
— Marti Wolfson, Culinary Nutritionist

Anne is a very gifted healer. She intuitively incorporated her expertise of different spiritual modalities and showered me with a calm safe and loving energy. I so enjoyed our time together and left feeling totally relaxed on a path of positive energy! You will be very fortunate to spend some sacred time with Anne.
— Marcy Smith, Music Educator, Guitarist and Cantor